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Written by Trixity
Written by Trixity
Silent Attack Servers

Announcing new servers, currently running two Counter-Strike Global Offensive Servers and two whitelisted Minecraft server, one of which is modded with FTBs Horizons: Daybreaker. The two CS:GO Servers are loaded with competitive ruleset and GameMe! stats enabled. Check the links for more info! ..

Silent Attack Gaming is currently recruiting members across the board. However we are heavily focusing on teams and teambuilding. If you have a couple of friends and play as a team, why not send us a message? These are the games we are looking at: - CS:GO - Rainbow Six: Siege - Battlefield 3/4 ..
Slack and Silent Attack

Silent Attack is moving in sync. We have added Slack Channels for fast communications. Slack is an instant messaging system with channel addition for members to quickly find a scrim with a full 5on5 team rather than solo queuing with randoms, why not message a member? If you are a member of Silent Attack message Trixity. If not, why not become a member? ..


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Silent Attack Gaming is a multinational multigaming community which was created in 2000. Our main games are: Counter-Strike, Battlefield and ArmA. memes